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1.) Holder the Scolder, out in the cold — Now that Eric Holder has harangued the Daily Caller for reporting things he’d prefer we didn’t report, everything’s fine and nobody’s being mean to him anymore, right? Wellllll… TheDC’s Matthew Boyle reports:

“Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe told The Daily Caller on Wednesday that he thinks Attorney General Eric Holder should resign over Operation Fast and Furious. Inhofe is the second U.S. senator to call for Holder’s ouster. Georgia Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson called for Holder’s resignation on Tuesday. In addition to Inhofe and Isakson, 52 House members, three presidential candidates and two sitting governors have called for Holder’s immediate resignation over the gun-walking scandal. Subsequently, the White House refused to comment when TheDC asked if President Barack Obama plans to hold Holder to the same standard he applied to former attorney general Alberto Gonzales when Obama, then a U,S. Senator, demanded Gonzales’ resignation in 2007. Inhofe told TheDC he thinks Holder’s reaction is a sign that the Obama administration and Holder have been ‘caught’ doing something wrong and they don’t know how to deal with it other than to attack the messenger.”

To which the answer is obvious: Shut up. Shut up, you. Can’t you see the finger in your face? Shut up!

There, that’s better.

2.) It’s no secret: the Democrats stink — Obama is a great guy until you get to know him. (Just ask Jon Meacham and Tina Brown!) That might be why one of his own Secret Service agents is now publicly opposing his agenda. TheDC’s Alex Pappas reports:

“Just because former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino used to protect Barack Obama, it doesn’t mean he can count on a job recommendation from the president. Being snubbed by the president isn’t necessarily a surprise, considering Bongino is now running for the U.S. Senate in Maryland as a Republican. It was revealed Wednesday that Obama plans to endorse incumbent Sen. Ben Cardin, a Democrat, in the contest in the very blue state… ‘This early endorsement is an indicator of the pressure Sen. Cardin is under to defend a failed economic agenda,’ Bongino said… During an interview with The Daily Caller during the summer, Bongino said he’s running because ‘we need real people … normal folks’ to serve in office.”

Well, what does Bongino expect? You never go against the family. Now they’re going to the mattresses. He knows it was you, Dan. You broke his heart. You broke his heart!

3.) Facebook gets the Rockefeller Spank — You kids these days, with your Tweeters and your Facebox and your “eye-phones.” There oughtta be a law! You don’t have to be a Rockefeller to think so, but it sure helps. TheDC’s Josh Peterson reports:

“Facebook boasts over 800 million active users worldwide, but West Virginia Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller says he is not a fan of the social network. At the Senate Commerce Committee’s confirmation hearing for FCC commissioner nominees Ajit Pai and Jessica Rosenworcel Wednesday, the senator took time at the end of the hearing to express his dislike for Facebook… ‘I’m not a great fan of Facebook. Everybody else is, 750 million people certainly are around the world, but I’m not because I think it — what it does is essentially, and not just them but others, it leads children to expose themselves, thinking that they’re just doing it, making a comment to a friend but then it’s available to all of Indonesia and to all of China and all the world… And then you get bullying and you get picking on, you get sort of cyber-suicide type thoughts, and there are examples of this…’ In August, Rockefeller, at West Virginia Statewide Technology Conference 2011, introduced Facebook’s Vice President of Global Public Policy Marne Levine. Rockefeller commended Facebook for its growth and its ability to connect students with places and people from all over the world.”

Yeah, but that was all the way back in August. Now it’s the worst thing ever.

4.) Funny brought — In a town that’s home to the likes of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, it’s quite an achievement to be named “The Funniest Celebrity in Washington.” Which is why this is great news from TheDC’s own, um, Scoops Delacroix:

“The Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein was named the ‘Funniest Celebrity in Washington’ Wednesday night with a stand-up set that included jokes about fictional reality-TV shows titled ‘Jew in Gaza’ and ‘Occupy Pyongyang.’ Weinstein defeated several prominent Washingtonians for the title, including Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page, former Clinton White House special counsel Lanny Davis and Florida Republican Rep. Allen West. Weinstein, TheDC’s senior editor, cracked jokes before a packed crowd at the DC Improv Comedy Club after Massachusetts Republican Sen. Scott Brown ‘threw out the ceremonial first joke.'”

Austan who? Congratulations, Jamie!

5.) Oh, by the way: Obamacare is falling apart — They had to pass the bill to find out what was in it. And now that they’re finding out what’s in it, they have to take it all out. TheDC’s Paul Conner reports:

“Members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee voted Tuesday to approve legislation that would repeal a key portion of President Barack Obama’s health care reform law that is widely recognized to be untenable. The committee voted 33 to 17 to repeal the CLASS Act, a long-term entitlement program that Republicans allege was used as a budget gimmick to make the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act seem financially sound. In October, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius halted the CLASS Act, conceding that the program was unsustainable and would not save the $70 billion promised by the Congressional Budget Office. The vote paves the way for the House of Representatives to repeal the much-contested part of the health care law.”

Why couldn’t they have figured this stuff out before they voted on it, you ask? Once again: SHUT. UP.

6.) Today’s words of wisdom from Stephen Baldwin’s Twitter feed — “Today I to trust in my Lord ‘ Jesus ‘ completely. His power, love, grace & peace are within me as I surrender to His awesome Holiness !!!”

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