Top ten: Hottest BCS team cheerleaders [SLIDESHOW]

The Bowl Championship Series just released its match-ups for the biggest games of the year. And while football fans will be captivated by the LSU–Alabama rematch, everyone knows it’s the cheerleaders on the sidelines who bring in the TV audiences and make even a boring defensive struggle seem riveting.

As we prepare for bowl season, let’s remember those pom-pom waving hotties, full of the hope and spirit — and a few other things — that make college football worth watching. Here are the hottest cheerleaders of the teams going to BCS bowls this year.

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  • Virginia Tech cheerleaders fly high to support their team -- or for us to get a better view. Either way, these girls really rock the sidelines.
  • Big hair bows? Check. Big pom-poms? Check. Big -- um ... where were we again? Ah, yes. West Virginia. The Mountaineers, or something.
  • Oklahoma State's football team is so good this year, even the pom-pom girls know how to disarm your defense (with an "oh, baby" smile, that is).
  • In the little town of Clemson, South Carolina, they apparently let guys try out for the cheerleading squad. Why do they join? Anyone who's ever lifted a gorgeous, mini-skirted girl over his head knows the answer.
  • The Stanford Dollies -- no, we don't know what the deal is with that name -- are bringing their quirkiness and sass to the Fiesta Bowl. But show a little respect: Half of these short, skimpy red dress-wearing babes will have Ph.D.s in a few years.
  • Wisconsin Wolfpack Dance Team members look like they spend as much time toning their bods as the football players. Thank goodness they don't perform in helmets and pads.
  • These sexy ladies dance for Alabama Crimson Tide, and we know this because we can't keep our eyes off the giant letter "A" on each of their chests.
  • Michigan's midwestern babes cheer in cold weather, so we'll forgive them their full-coverage outfits. They'll be sweetening the pot in the Sugar Bowl.
  • LSU's Golden Girls are the epitome of spirit and tradition, and the leotards don't hurt either. Watch the National Championship game, and you can also see these kitties purr.
  • Widely regarded as the hottest cheerleaders in college sports, the Oregon Ducks hotties will be shaking their hips all the way to the Rose Bowl.

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