Amazon fail: ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button not working

Thursday — just 10 days before Christmas, and 4 days left to order gifts in time — holiday shoppers were not able to “Proceed to Checkout” when attempting to complete their purchases on Amazon. Angered shoppers took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Amazon customers found that when they clicked on the “Proceed to Checkout” button to pay for their items, the button refreshed the page for their shopping cart instead.

One user complained that Amazon had “officially closed Christmas for the day.”

At 1:40 pm EST, another shopper tweeted, “I wonder how much revenue @amazon has lost since checkout has been broken for at least the last 30 minutes.”

Another shopper who vented on the social networking site said, “Trying to order a few things on amazon and it won’t let me ‘proceed to checkout.’ Are you kiddding me!? #annoyed

User concerns — which were also professional in nature — stemmed from unhelpful Amazon customer service. One shopper tweeted, “dear @amazon cant checkout. called customer service & got ‘please hang up and try your call again later’ #willgetfiredifcantbuyitems

Not all tweets, however, were entirely negative.

#Amazon checkout button not working for me. Looked at twitter and it looks like I’m not alone. I still love you  @Amazon !!!,” tweeted another user.

The problem, at the time of publication, had been documented for approximately 50 minutes.

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