Kim Jong Il’s 10 most impressive accomplishments

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      Jamie Weinstein is Senior Editor of The Daily Caller. His work has appeared in The Weekly Standard, the New York Daily News and The Washington Examiner, among many other publications. He also worked as the Collegiate Network Journalism Fellow at Roll Call Newspaper and is the winner of the 2011 "Funniest Celebrity in Washington" contest. A regular on Fox News and other cable news outlets, Weinstein received a master’s degree in the history of international relations from the London School of Economics in 2009 and a bachelor's degree in history and government from Cornell University in 2006. He is the author of the political satire, "The Lizard King: The Shocking Inside Account of Obama's True Intergalactic Ambitions by an Anonymous White House Staffer."

The late, great Kim Jong Il achieved more things than any human could count, except perhaps Kim Jong Il — if he was a human, which he of course most certainly was not. Here are the Dear Leader’s top 10 most impressive accomplishments:

10. He was an eater of giant rabbits — or so a giant rabbit breeder presumed.

9. His affection for Daffy Duck and Rambo was unparalleled among world leaders.

8. He was the best kidnapper of movie directors.

7. His fashion sense was unrivaled:

Kim Jong-il kept it real

6. So prosperous was Kim Jong Il’s North Korea, supping on corn found in cow dung was considered a “lucky day.”

5. He was “A Great Teacher of Journalists,” “Genius of Revolution,” “Great Successor to the Cause of Juche,” and “A Great Personality,” according to North Korean books written about him or by him. He wrote 1,500 while in university alone.

4. He presided over the opening of the first Italian restaurant in North Korea in 2009.

3. During his first time playing golf, he hit 11 holes-in-one, en route to the lowest score in golf history.

2. He nearly transformed North Korea into a lightless society.

Great superior darkness

1. Under Kim Jong Il, at least 85 percent of North Korea’s population didn’t die of starvation in the 1990s.

Editors Note: Everything on this list is unverifiable. 

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