The Ron Paul newsletter controversy is a textbook liberal smear campaign

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A racist these days is all too often really just a conservative winning an argument with a liberal. It should come as no surprise, then, that the most principled conservative in the GOP race is being assailed and viciously smeared as a racist because of the content of a newsletter written 20 years ago which he credibly denies writing or having any knowledge of, and has repeatedly disavowed as contrary to his own views.

The racist smear is a common and favorite tactic of big-government liberals and their collaborators in the mainstream media. In 2009, with the tea party movement in full swing, members of the mainstream media did everything they could to assail these patriotic conservatives as racists, searching desperately at every tea party event for any wayward protest sign that might have racist content that could be used to assassinate the character of an entire national grassroots movement. The media even went so far as to fabricate a racial confrontation between tea party protesters and Democratic members of Congress, but it was nothing more than a smear and a lie.

The tea party movement didn’t have anything to do with race: it was about fiscal policy, monetary policy, systemic problems with our legislative process, and the proper nature and role of government. Tea party protesters were all about diminishing the size, role, and influence of an out-of-touch, out-of-control, out-of-solutions, and out-of-money federal government. They were right. And just like the tea parties, Dr. Ron Paul’s life, message, and record as a 12-term U.S. congressman have absolutely nothing to do with race.

Ron Paul is not a racist and doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. Throughout a political career that has spanned over four decades, Ron Paul’s message has always been about fiscal policy, monetary policy, and the proper nature and role of government. He has a message that has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the liberty our Founding Fathers fought to preserve, a liberty that he believes is granted to us as individuals made in the image of our Creator, not as members of any race or other collective group. And that message has resonated throughout the nation, which is why he is leading the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire as his campaign continues to steadily gain momentum.

Why should we trust Ron Paul’s unequivocal denial of having written or known anything about these racist rantings?

First, there’s his uncanny record of integrity. Even his harshest critics begrudgingly acknowledge that the Texas congressman (and faithful husband of over 50 years) is one of the most honest, principled, and consistent men in politics today.

No one in the media really thinks Ron Paul is a racist or a liar. In fact, they know he isn’t. They ask him about the racist newsletters over and over again in order to smear him by association. That’s how the textbook, liberal, race-baiting smear works. Whether the “target” (to use Alinsky’s terminology) is really racist or not doesn’t matter. Accomplishing the goal, which is to destroy the target’s character for political reasons, is what matters to the left.