Candidate Buddy Roemer learns how the Iowa caucuses work on election night

Vince Coglianese | Editorial Director

At least one GOP candidate is among those who don’t know how the Iowa caucuses work.

Former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer was concerned that his name was missing from ballots in the Iowa caucuses, according to a tweet he posted Tuesday night.

There’s just one problem: there is no set ballot in the Iowa caucuses. It’s a point that Roemer seemed to have learned tonight, thanks to his pals on Twitter.

The confusion began as @kevinjthompson alerted the dark horse candidate about an hour and a half into the caucuses: “@BuddyRoemer I have a friend in just voted in Iowa and claimed he didn’t see your name on his ballot”

@BuddyRoemer retweeted the concern and followed up with a request for help: “If you live in Iowa, please Tweet me a picture of the ballot. Many people saying that I’m not included on them? #sneaky”

That’s when @mattyohe came to Roemer’s rescue: “@BuddyRoemer There is no ballot. Blank piece of paper, you write a name on it. #IowaCaucus”

“Well, that would explain why my name isn’t on it. #DuhBuddy,” replied a now enlightened Roemer.

Are you as confused about the Iowa caucuses as Buddy Roemer? Check out this handy crash course in how they work!

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