Perry makes last ditch effort before Iowa caucuses begin

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

Texas Gov. Rick Perry made one last ditch effort to drum up support for his presidential candidacy in front of a group of 150 people at the Santa Maria Winery in Carroll, Iowa.

“I love Iowa pork, but I hate Washington pork,” Perry said at his final campaign stop before the polls closed Tuesday night, the Daily Times Herald reported.

The metaphor was fitting for Perry’s characterization of himself as a Washington outsider who was different from the rest of the GOP field.

“I just don’t think they [GOP candidates] are going to change their stripes and go back to Washington, D.C., and be the president,” Perry said.

He took a jab at former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who is surging in the Iowa polls, calling him the “king of earmarks” during his time in Congress.

Perry stressed his “authentic” conservative values, and his upbringing in rural Texas. Perry also played up his support for the Second Amendment by retelling his story about shooting a coyote while he was jogging near his Austin home.

“The Second Amendment comes in pretty handy every now and then when you’re running and a coyote tries to get after your daughter’s dog and you just need to protect your things,” he said.

Perry blasted Texas Rep. Ron Paul for his foreign policy views and lack of concern that Iran has a nuclear weapon.

When asked about his views on gay marriage, Perry said he believes in marriage between a man and a woman.

“Why should you settle for anything less than an authentic conservative?” Perry said.

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