Failed marriage proposal caught on Jumbotron at UCLA game [VIDEO]

It was far from a Christmas miracle.

At a Dec. 23 UCLA basketball game against Richmond, some poor schmuck decided to propose to his girlfriend on the “Mistletoe Cam.”

The camera panned the stadium and caught some couples kissing, and when it landed on a young couple, the girl grabbed her boyfriend’s face in excitement.

But when he knelt down and pulled a little black box out of his pocket, the girl appeared awestruck and asked “Is this real?”

When she realized that it was not a joke, she ran out of the bleachers.

“Sometimes we get a little camera shy,” the host said, attempting to coddle the rejected boyfriend.

The crowd booed and jeered at the young man until the camera turned off.

Take note, fellas. If you think there is a chance your proposal might get rejected, maybe plan on popping the question in the privacy of your home.

In the words of UCLA point guard Jerime Anderson: “That’s cold.”

He may find it comforting that he’s not the only fool out there who has been cold-heartedly rejected in public, and then in front of millions on YouTube.

TheDC looks back on our favorite rejections caught on tape:

WATCH: Marriage proposal failures caught on tape