Jake Tapper: Romney ‘probably’ the ‘elitist left-wing’ media favorite

On Thursday’s broadcast of “Imus in the Morning,” simulcasted on the Fox Business Network, ABC White House correspondent Jake Tapper called in from the campaign trail in New Hampshire and offered his thoughts on the current race for the GOP presidential nomination.

One of the questions asked by host Don Imus was who Tapper thought the “elitist left-wing media” wanted to be the nominee.

“Probably Romney,” Tapper replied. “Just because he — I think, to, you know, to — well, I’m basing this on as I was flipping the channels last night and I was basing this on, I flipped on Current TV last night for a moment and they were in a one segment was who is the most horrible Republican. On some show called “The Young Turks.” Not sure if you have ever seen it.”

Imus interjected his thoughts on Keith Olbermann, who had been absent from that particular broadcast and said his voice was an important one, despite having problems with management everywhere he has landed, including Current TV.

“That’s too bad,” Imus said. “[He] had the problem with ESPN, then he had the problem with Fox and he had the problem with MSNBC. I mean we need the — I’m being serious. We need a — one may not like Keith Olbermann, or whatever. But I think that’s an important voice and for the people at Current TV to try to silence it is reprehensible in my view.”

But as far as the “left-wing elitist media,” Tapper said Romney represented “the least horrible.”

“But in any case on the show last night, they seemed — the consensus seemed to be that Mitt Romney was the least horrible among — that was this liberal show, ‘The Young Turks Show.’”


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