Newt: NH election fraud video proves ‘an impostor can vote for you’

David Martosko | Executive Editor

GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich told The Daily Caller on Wednesday that a video showing conservative activists obtaining New Hampshire primary ballots in the names of dead people indicates that President Obama’s Justice Department isn’t doing enough to protect the integrity of the voting process.

“How can the Obama Justice Department call itself a Department of Justice when it will allow a system to continue that enables election fraud?” Gingrich said. “Voter ID is a measure we must have in all 50 states to make sure our elections don’t lose their integrity.”

The video, made by undercover film auteur James O’Keefe, was made available on Wednesday morning exclusively David Martosko to TheDC.

Gingrich said reports of the dead coming to life to vote show the importance of voter ID requirements at polling places.

“If you can’t prove who you are, an impostor can vote for you, a non-citizen can vote for you and someone can watch the obituary pages and go vote for all our deceased citizens,” Gingrich told TheDC.

“When election fraud occurs we cheat honest voters,” he added.

The former House speaker said he strongly supports South Carolina, Texas, Mississippi and other states that have recently adopted strong voter ID laws to prevent fraud.

Voters in New Hampshire, however, are not required to present IDs before receiving election-day ballots.

O’Keefe’s film shows his collaborators asking for, and receiving, ballots in the names of New Hampshirites who are recently deceased.

His file “shows the integrity of the elections process is severely comprised,” OKeefe told TheDC.

In an op-ed written for The Daily Caller before Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, Gingrich argued that there is no evidence showing “that requiring photo identification disenfranchises minorities, as a photo ID is universally used by all Americans of all backgrounds in many other aspects of our lives.”

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