Rihanna is living the high life in Hawaii

Rihanna is taking the lyrics of her song, “Live Your Life,” quite literally.

While on vacation in Hawaii, the singer was photographed what appears to be a large marijuana-filled joint, the Daily Mail reported.

The “Good Girl Gone Bad” singer is seen wearing a pink dress over a green and black bikini. She is clutching what looks like a large blunt and is pensively looking into the ocean.

Over the weekend, she alluded to weed by tweeting: “Waken…Baken…good morning,” a reference to the concept of waking up and immediately smoking marijuana.

She later posted the lyrics to a Drake song, again referring to smoking weed: “Kush rolled, glass full…I prefer the better things!”

Earlier in the week, she tweeted: “4:20..Hi”

RiRi clearly isn’t shy about her favorite pastime.

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