Top 10: Most vile anti-Bush signs [SLIDESHOW]

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Taylor Bigler
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On Tuesday MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews said that the level of hatred directed against President Barack Obama is greater than it was against any other president, including George W. Bush.

“There is a real level of national hatred of the president [Obama] that I hadn’t seen before, certainly not under Clinton, or under Dubya,” Matthews said on WMAL’s “Morning Majority” broadcast. “The hatred, the Hitler mustaches — I hadn’t seen that before.” (RELATED: Chris Matthews: I never saw left-wingers’ hate-speech signs targeting President Bush [AUDIO]) 

The Daily Caller rounded up photos from anti-Bush rallies during his two terms in the White House and found some of the worst images from protests around the country.

From swastikas, to bullet holes and a graphic lynching, protesters during the Bush administration were just as vile — if not worse — than some of the Obama haters today.

Maybe this will jog Matthews’ memory.

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  • This really should thaw some of Matthews' memories
  • This rhetoric was common during the Bush years
  • Yup, that's a swastika
  • It's not Nazi imagery, but it's surely not very nice
  • Talk of shooting the president is a sign of hatred in our book
  • If this isn't hate, we're not sure what is
  • Calling POTUS a terrorist isn't hateful, Chris?
  • There's another one. Original!
  • The "hatred was real and palpable" during the Bush years, too
  • Hanged with an American flag. Stay classy

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