Top 10: Hottest redheads [SLIDESHOW]

Redheads tend to get a bad rap. Maybe it’s because they have no soul, or maybe it’s because they are so rare.

But The Daily Caller gathered some proof that plenty of hot — albeit soulless — redheads do exist.

From Lindsay Lohan’s good ol’ days as a redhead to Julianne Moore’s time-tested hotness, these 10 red-hot beauties prove the critics wrong.

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  • We'd say our chances are "50/50," but that may be wishful thinking
  • Jessica Chastain sure doesn't need any of "The Help" being hot
  • We are still scratching our heads over how Borat landed this redheaded babe, Isla Fisher
  • We sure are "Enchanted" with Amy Adams
  • Kate Walsh is a red hot TV doc
  • Emma is stone cold sexy
  • It's no wonder men go mad over Christina Hendricks
  • Julianne Moore is a classic redhead
  • So Rihanna is not a natural redhead, but we'll let it slide
  • Back in the good ol' days when LiLo was clean, sober and ginger

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