Top 5: Conservative TV characters [SLIDESHOW]

From a young man who was the epitome of Reagan-era conservatism, to a meat-loving libertarian, these are the five best conservative characters in TV history.

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  • Walker was a butt-kicking Texas Ranger -- so yeah, pretty sure he was a conservative
  • Ron Swanson, "Parks and Recreation": On taxes: "This is your lunch. You should be able to do whatever you want to with this, right?...But here I come, the government, and I get to take 40% of your lunch. And that, Lauren, is how taxes work."
  • Alex P. Keaton, "Family Ties": President Reagan once said "Family Ties" was his favorite TV show
  • Jack Donaghy, "30 Rock": "Never go with a hippie to a second location."

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