Martha Stewart’s dog wins big at Westminster Kennel Club show

Martha Stewart has conquered the kitchen and survived the Big House. Now her pet Chow Chow has conquered the non-sporting group at the legendary Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

Stewart’s dog, Genghis Khan II, won “best in breed” Monday morning, New York Magazine¬†reported. He is Stewart’s second Ghengis Khan, after her first dog with the Mongolian moniker was killed in a tragic fire at a kennel club in the Poconos in 2009.

Stewart proudly tweeted: “Ghenghis¬†[sic] khan did it! Best of Breed at Westminster!!!!Big Deal”

We wouldn’t mind being Stewart’s pet. The pup’s pre-show chow down at the Plaza was probably a better meal than we have probably ever eaten. And besides, any pooch of Martha’s is bound to have impeccable manners and more servants than you can chase a stick at.

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