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Ron Paul credits Romney on management style [VIDEO]

Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul rarely gives his presidential competitors credit for anything and readily admits he disagrees with them on pretty much everything, but on Sunday’s “State of the Union” on CNN, Paul did find something he admires about former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney: management style.

When confronted about the “mutual truce” that he and Romney seem to have by “State of the Union” host Candy Crowley, Paul said they didn’t have much common ground, except on taxes. But he did give props to Romney’s management style:

CROWLEY: There’s been a lot of talk that you and Mitt Romney seem to have a sort of a mutual truce going on. Can we take that as you believing that Mitt Romney would be — if it’s not yourself — a good Republican nominee for the party?

PAUL: Well, there’s not much, you know, on issues that we agree on, whether it’s foreign policy or, you know, the personal liberties issue. It’s probably on taxes that we might have agreement.

But, no, I think they are all the same, in the same group. But the only thing that I mention when people sort of press me on that is management style. I think he certainly would have a more, you know, acceptable management style when you consider what I have seen and experienced from the other two candidates — I don’t think they would qualify there.

But as far as issues goes, I’m uncomfortable with all three of them. I think they are the status quo and they are not change — they don’t want to really change anything. That’s what I’m offering.

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