Roemer leaves GOP to seek Americans Elect, Reform Party nominations

He said Tuesday that he wants someone who “shares my values … who has been elected to office and has that experience, I’d like someone who’s been a governor or someone who has that sort of CEO experience, and I’d like someone who puts America ahead of their party. … I wish I could get an Abraham Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt… or a Ronald Reagan or a Dwight Eisenhower.”

It’s no guarantee that Roemer gets the nomination, but he plans to devote the next few months to an all-out effort. He’ll run the campaign out of his home office in Baton Rouge, La., but he plans to travel to all 50 states to give speeches and do “listening tours.”

“We’ve got an army, a small army of supporters, who are Democrats and Republicans — we got as many contributions from Democrats as we have Republicans. We’ll take votes from both parties,” Roemer said.

“We’re trying to build a coalition with the Reform Party and other parties who are interested in this issue. And we will put a team together of independents, Republicans, Democrats, Reform Partiers, Occupy Wall Street-ers, tea partiers,” he went on. Roemer has been a vocal supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement, even going to speak at Occupy sites.

“Look, the polls are clear. The fastest growing element in America is the independents. They are better than a third of the vote. They’re very unhappy with the promises Obama made and didn’t deliver. They see Mitt Romney as a one-percenter candidate. They see Newt Gingrich as a lobbyist for the once percent, and they’re not happy with either party,” he said. “The Republican Party is ranked less than the Democratic Party, but neither are in good standing. There’s something happening in America, here’s what it is: I think America’s sick and tired of being bought and sold on TV commercials and there’s no truth in the election. We’re gonna try and change that.”

His biggest challenge, he said, will be “getting known.” After a career in Congress and as the governor of Louisiana, he left politics and spent the next two decades in the primary sector, so at this point, “Buddy Roemer is not a household name.” He even felt the need to spell out his last name when directing this reporter to his website, buddyroemer.com.

He plans to use a combination of advertising, social media and earned media to get the word out.

“But look, I want to raise two or 300 million dollars,” he said. “You say, ‘well how do you do that Buddy? You don’t take PAC money, you don’t take super PAC money, you don’t take big checks, you don’t lobbyist money.’ Here’s what I take: $100 or less from clean plain people,” Roemer concluded. “And if I can get a million, or 2 million, or 3 million people to give me a hundred dollars, that’s $300 million of clean money, and we’ll advertise, and we’ll run in every state, and we will turn this election upside down.”

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