‘Safe House’ caused ‘pain and suffering’ to former Chicago police officer

Alex Myers | Contributor

Box office results show Universal Studios’ “Safe House” ranking number one this week, but a retired Chicago police officer is hoping to close the door on the new film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marty Christopher Lawson claims that the ideas for the film were taken directly from his novel “Truth or Treason,” as well as from a slew of videos he posted on YouTube.

Lawson is attempting to obtain an injunction to stop distribution of the film.

The complaint he filed does not give specific details regarding the similarities or explain how the company may have come across his work, but he claims certain scenes in the movie are similar to his own attempts to uncover alleged financial fraud within the Chicago Police Pension Fund.

He also argues, in his videos, that the movie’s plot about CIA documents and pressures to uncover facts could be related to his own trial, with small alterations to court transcripts.

The retired officer said the movie caused him “pain and suffering” and the lawsuit is currently pending in an Illinois federal court.

Watch the video below to determine whether “Safe House” was, indeed, a rip off of Lawson’s life.


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