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Mitt Romney channels Hillary Clinton’s ‘Sir. Edmund Hillary’ moment

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Matt K. Lewis
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      Matt K. Lewis

      Matt K. Lewis is a senior contributor to The Daily Caller, and a contributing editor for The Week. He is a respected commentator on politics and cultural issues, and has been cited by major publications such as The Washington Post and The New York Times. Matt is from Myersville, MD and currently resides in Alexandria, VA. Follow Matt K. Lewis on Twitter <a>@mattklewis</a>.

The Toronto Star reports that Mitt Romney has been telling a vivid story in Michigan, from when he was “probably 4 or something like that” about the Golden Jubilee — the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the automobile.

But as The Star notes, it would be impossible for Romney to recall the event, since it “took place June 1, 1946 — fully nine months before Romney was born.”

This, of course, reminds me of Hillary Clinton’s claim that she was named after Sir. Edmund Hillary — who didn’t even become famous for climbing Mount Everest until she was about six years old.

The Washington Post, at least, seems to be giving him the benefit of the doubt, writing: “There are some stories that you hear so often, you feel as if you were there.”

Meanwhile, I wonder how many Republicans would be as forgiving of Clinton?