Bob Barr: Libertarians should vote for Gingrich

If Gingrich — who hasn’t seen a primary or caucus victory since his Jan. 21 blowout in South Carolina — isn’t the GOP nominee, Barr would reassess who to support. He said that he “certainly would consider” supporting former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who is likely to be the Libertarian Party’s nominee.

“I know Gary. I like him very much. I think he was an outstanding Governor of New Mexico. I think he has some excellent ideas,” he said. But, Barr added,”I would certainly hope that he would have a more organized and higher profile campaign than I’ve seen thus far, because he has some very, very good ideas and is a man of integrity.”

The Ron Paul campaign hasn’t responded to a request for comment about Gingrich’s libertarian appeal, but has in the past ridiculed the former House speaker as a “serial hypocrite.”

Editor’s note: Bob Barr is an opinion contributor to The Daily Caller. His essays can be found here.

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