Leap year top 10: Things you can do on February 29 [SLIDESHOW]

Wednesday marks the first leap year the world has seen in four years because, well, that’s how leap year works.

February gets an extra day every fourth year, so 2012 will be just a teensy bit longer than 2011. You’d better enjoy it, too: As we all know, the Mayan calendar says the world is set to end in December, making this the last leap year ever. So don’t waste it.

We put together ten interesting things you can do with those extra 24 hours. What will you choose to do?

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  • Okay, we know you can watch the movie "Leap Year" any day you want, but you're probably already tired of watching "Groundhog Day" by now
  • Learn from @AngiesRightLeg and make a Twitter account for the special day. Something like @ThisMonthWontEnd or @IMake2012Longer
  • Guys: You want to get out of buying an anniversary gift every year? Then tell your fiancé to get her dress ASAP and schedule the wedding for tomorrow. You're home free for the next four years.
  • Hop on a plane to Australia Tuesday night to avoid the extra day entirely. By the time you get down under, it'll be March 1.
  • We all have to wait one more day until Christmas comes this year. Get your tissues out. It's okay to cry a little.
  • Those children who are born after February 29 in a leap year have to wait four years to ever experience one. So hatch a plot to convince a young child that leap year doesn't exist. They might just believe you.
  • Sleep ALL DAY because technically this day doesn't exist. You'll wake up and it will be March 1 like it is every other year!
  • If you were born on Feb. 29, celebrate your birthday four times to make up for the three you lost
  • C'mon ... eat a cupcake! It's okay if you cheat on your Lenten commitments because the 29th doesn't count as part of the 40 days. Really!
  • Ladies, get ready because it's your time to shine. The legend says girls can ask their guys to marry them on a leap year. Maybe the stars are aligned the right way and he'll say yes tomorrow (as opposed to every other day when he would say no?)