Is Ron Paul shilling for Romney in a new Etch a Sketch ad?

Matt K. Lewis | Senior Contributor

Ron Paul’s team will argue this ad is mocking all three of his opponents for focusing on pointless issues. (All three of their campaigns, after all, are talking about an Etch a Sketch.)

Trivializing the Etch a Sketch debate, of course, also happens to help Mitt Romney.

But is the Etch a Sketch debate trivial? To many, it is a metaphor for a much larger and serious question: Whether or not Romney can be trusted to remain a true conservative on a variety of substantive issues after he wins the nomination.

I’ll let you decide if this is a legitimate Ron Paul ad meant to contrast him against the field, or one designed to subtly help Mitt Romney.

Maybe it kills two (or three) birds with one stone?

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