Time for conservatives to unite behind Governor Mitt Romney

We don’t need a fight on the Convention floor in Tampa to justify the strength of the conservative movement. One needs to look no further than the 2010 repossession of the House of Representatives, our big gains in the Senate and 10 big gubernatorial victories as evidence of the power of our conservative principles and ideas.

As of today, it is clear neither Senator Santorum nor Speaker Gingrich nor Congressman Paul can amass the majority of delegates required to be the Republican nominee. Their only paths to victory feature a contested, anarchic floor fight just weeks before Americans vote on whether or not to give President Obama a second term.

With all due respect to my fellow conservative leaders determined to oppose Governor Romney, that is not a worthy endeavor. For the sake of our Republic, I’m not willing to wait until the Republican National Convention to sort this out. It’s time to unite behind a worthy presidential candidate, build our organization and raise the resources necessary to defeat the liberal electoral machine.

Instead of gaming out unrealistic dark horse scenarios, it is far more important for our movement leaders to communicate our RNC platform agenda, dialogue with our nominee about our shared vision for America’s future and do our part to bring this primary to an end.

We are now less than eight months away from one of the most critical elections in a generation — a great decision point for Americans.

Governor Romney is an honorable, worthy, competent, conservative candidate for our next commander-in-chief. I’m proud to support his campaign for president. His opponents ran great races and all four men became better candidates because of the effort. I thank and congratulate them all on their contributions to the race, but their time is over.

I’m calling on my fellow conservatives, for goals both lofty and pragmatic, to join me in supporting the only candidate that can ensure President Obama’s legacy is limited to just four years of fiscal irresponsibility and disregard for our Constitution, and not eight.

The 2012 primary battle has been a worthy journey and a great ride — one for the record books. But, we’ve reached our destination. Let’s get to work on sending our nominee, Governor Mitt Romney, to the White House.

Al Cardenas is the chairman of the American Conservative Union. He is a former chairman of the Republican Party of Florida. His personal endorsement of Governor Romney does not reflect an endorsement by the Board of the American Conservative Union.