Ron Paul: ‘I’m trying to save the Republican Party from themselves’

Jeff Poor | Media Reporter

While it seems likely the former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will secure the Republican Party nomination for the White House, that’s not a sufficient reason for one of his competitors, Texas Rep. Ron Paul to bow out of the contest. At least, if you ask Ron Paul.

On CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Paul explained his reasons for continuing his campaign, saying he thinks some undecided delegates will come out in his favor. He also touted his support on his pet issues.

“You know, the conventional wisdom is there’s no guarantee,” Paul said. “And those you were talking earlier on about Romney being the candidate, but that’s the conventional wisdom and I would admit that, but, no, the votes haven’t been counted. There’s quite a few states right now, there are six or seven states that we’re doing quite well through the delegate process that we don’t even know who is getting what so far, and who knows what will happen on the first vote the convention. So, I would say that it’s very encouraging, because I am talking to a whole generation, which is expanding, you know, as far as age goes, but when I can get 5,200 people out on a college campus as wildly enthusiastic to hear the message of liberty and freedom and less wars and curtailing the Federal Reserve, there’s no way I’m going to quit speaking out on this.”

With that in mind, Paul said it’s his mission to save the Republican Party in order to get it back to its roots.

“And there’s no way I’m going to give up on the effort to get the Republicans back to their roots,” he said. “You know, probably, in some ways they say, ‘Well, why don’t you give up and this will help the Republican Party.’ The truth is, I’m trying to save the Republican Party from themselves because they want perpetual wars. They don’t care about presidents who assassinate American citizens. They don’t care about searching our houses without search warrants, and these are the kind of things that people care with about, and if the Republicans would take a different position, they may save themselves, but right now, I see they’re going to be in big trouble. What about the deficit? Sure the Democrats spend too much money, but the Republicans said, well, our proposal was to balance the budget in thirty years. I mean, people are laughing at that, so I say cut the budget by a trillion dollars. This idea that you have a debt crisis the worst in the history of the world and we won’t cut spending, we have a problem.”

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