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Gary Johnson, the not-so anti-war anti-war candidate - TheDC Opinion

Gary Johnson

He’s open to leaving bases behind in Afghanistan for some humanitarian intervention, supports mission to capture Joseph Kony

Arpaio applauds 'birther' congressmen, calls for legislative action - TheDC

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Arpaio calls for congressional hearing after two GOP congressmen have ‘the courage to speak out’

Maryland bans employers from asking for employee social media passwords - The DC


‘I believe privacy should not be an alternative in lieu of securing employment, but a fundamental right’

Pulitzer winner: 'Soul of heterosexual white man is at stake' in 2012 - TheDC

Former Washington Post reporter says that political power is shifting to minority groups, hurting Romney’s campaign

Jesse Jackson politicizes the crucifixion: Jesus was killed because 'he occupied the corrupt temple' - TheDC

Rainbow PUSH coalition founder: ‘He fought for the poor because he was among the poor. He faced crucifixion as he fought occupation’

Zimmerman family challenges Holder on New Black Panthers: Why no arrests? - TheDC

Holder Testifies Before Senate Appropriations Cmte Hearing

‘Why … is your office not arresting the New Black Panthers for hate crimes?’

Gov. Martinez says no to VP speculation - TheDC

Veepstakes Not It

Potential vice presidential pick says family concerns would keep her in New Mexico

Cyberattack cripples government bureau network 12 weeks and counting - TheDC

Department of Commerce

Work of small bureau within the Department of Commerce is paralyzed

Don’t worry, President Obama, NBC will edit out the first four attempts

Don’t worry, President Obama, NBC will edit out the first four attempts

Obamacare and the imaginary constitution

The fact that politicians think something is a good idea doesn’t make it constitutional.

Why the Washington Post is wrong about Stand Your Ground laws

The Post seems to be confused about what Stand Your Ground laws entail.

Lifetime downsizes Jennifer Love Hewitt's assets on 'Client List' poster - TheDC

Jennifer Love Hewitt

‘I’m not quite sure what’s going on, but apparently somebody wanted me to have a boob reduction’

Is this the end of SNL's Kristen Wiig era? - TheDC

Kristen Wiig

Wiig: ‘Everyone has to leave. … When I do leave, it will be the hardest thing’

Mich. officials 'appalled' by highway sign calling Trayvon Martin a 'n*gger' - TheDC

Trayvon Sign

Michigan police investigate sign-tampering as a ‘criminal act’

Shut down the GSA

The General Services Administration, the focus of a recent scandal, is out of date and unnecessary.

Facebook to acquire Instagram for $1 billion - TheDC

Facebook IPO Twist

Facebook aims to ‘offer the best experiences for sharing beautiful mobile photos with people based on your interests’

DOJ calls O'Keefe's Holder ballot video 'manufactured' example of 'voter fraud' - TheDC

Holder Targeted Killing

‘It’s no coincidence that these so-called examples of rampant voter fraud consistently turn out to be manufactured ones’

Easter egg hunt turns up live grenade - TheDC


Police call in bomb squad to deal with grenade found by 3-year-old British boy

Does agriculture secretary's memo on GOP budget violate Hatch Act? - TheDC

Tom Vilsack

The Hatch Act bans campaign activity by federal employees

Caption this: Obama’s campaign HQ in Chicago

Caption this: Obama’s campaign HQ in Chicago