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Why Van Jones fears libertarianism

Photo of Christopher R. Barron
Christopher R. Barron
Chairman of the Board, GOProud

The political coalition on the left is based on a culture of victimhood. The basic premise of modern liberalism is that America is a melting pot of oppressed groups. Women, gays, Muslims, African-Americans, Latinos, immigrants and the poor are all victims. The 99% is victimized by the 1% — and of course the 1% is made up exclusively of straight white Christian males. Worse than simply being victims, members of the “oppressed” groups are powerless victims, unable to change their miserable lot in life without the help of a big, benevolent government.

The single biggest threat to the American left’s political coalition is anyone from these groups who rejects liberalism and its collectivist ideology — and the left knows it. That is why the left so quickly and viciously goes after any gay person, Latino, woman or African-American who dares to wander off the liberal plantation.

Look at the over-the-top, and often personal, attacks on former Governor Sarah Palin, on former presidential candidate Herman Cain, on Congressman Allen West or even on gay conservatives like my colleague Jimmy LaSalvia.

Every plantation, even the ideological ones, has its plantation masters. The ideological plantation masters for the left are tasked with hunting down and destroying ideological escapees and with discouraging other escapees through fear and intimidation.

There are few better examples of the left’s ideological plantation masters than former Obama Green Jobs Czar Van Jones. Jones is a willing attack dog for the left, with an Orwellian ability to twist the facts.

At a recent Occupy rally in Los Angeles, Jones bashed libertarians, telling the crowd:

“They’ve taken their despicable ideology and used it a wrecking ball, that they have painted red, white and blue, to smash down every good thing in America.”

Jones went on to say, “They say they’re patriots but they hate everybody in America who looks like us. They say they love America but they hate the people, the brown folk, the gays, the lesbians, the people with piercings, ya know, ya’ll.”

This assertion is one that would make even an editor at the Soviet-era Pravda blush.

The front-runner for the Libertarian Party’s nomination is former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson who — unlike Jones’ former boss, President Barack Obama — actually supports same-sex civil marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples. Indeed, while Obama’s campaign seeks to keep gay activists from pushing for a marriage equality plank in the Democratic Party’s platform, the Libertarian Party’s platform is expressly pro-gay. It reads:

“Sexual orientation, preference, gender, or gender identity should have no impact on the government’s treatment of individuals, such as in current marriage, child custody, adoption, immigration or military service laws. Government does not have the authority to define, license or restrict personal relationships. Consenting adults should be free to choose their own sexual practices and personal relationships.”

The Libertarian Party and its likely nominee are infinitely better on gay issues than the Democratic Party and President Obama. The same is true in regards to the “brown folks” that Jones spoke of.