Politicians cuddling with dogs, not eating them [SLIDESHOW]

It’s a dog eat dog world out there. Or at least a president eat dog world. But not all politicians eat dogs (cough — Obama), or strap them to the roof of the car.

Some politicians do perfectly normal activities with their canine companions, like take them for runs or cuddle up to them.

Here are pictures of politicians snuggling up with their adorable furry friends — not eating them. Dogs are man’s best friend, after all.

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  • Mitt Romney eats dogs, too. Corn dogs that is.
  • Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gives some love to his pup on a dog day afternoon.
  • We hope Joe Biden keeps Champ away from the West Wing during lunch time.
  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry may go running with his dog, Rory, but he only shoots coyotes.
  • George W. Bush lets his dog Barney travel with him INSIDE the plane -- not on the roof.
  • Bill Clinton's dog Buddy must be this man's best friend. Here he is going up for a kiss from the former president.
  • Lyndon Johnson and his white collie, Blanco, spend some quality time together.
  • Ronald Reagan playfully takes his dog Lucky for a walk.
  • Calvin Coolidge and his wife Grace take their dogs Laddie Boy and Rob Roy for a stroll in the park.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt enjoys a drive with his famous Scottish terrier, Fala. Notice she is not on the roof of the car.

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