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Andrea Mitchell and David Axelrod remind America that Obama eats dogs

Just kidding. America doesn’t watch Andrea Mitchell. But you can handle a couple of minutes. That’s why Gore invented the Internet.

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This charming gentleman would still be pushing “Romney hates dogs” for all it’s worth, right up until November 6, if the news hadn’t broken that Obama wrote about eating dogs in one of his various autobiographies that nobody has read. (I forget who picked up on that. Some blogger, who cares.)

It’s funny to hear David Axelrod, the guy behind “Palin’s a separatist Bircher who hates rape victims,” whining about negative campaigning. It’s not much fun when things aren’t going your way, is it, David? It was a lot easier last time, wasn’t it? They’re not falling for the same old tricks anymore, are they?

Not to mention that unlike your work in 2008, this is based on facts.

Oh, and a note to Andrea Mitchell and everyone else bleating, “He was 6!” Obama wasn’t 6 when he bragged about it in his book. He wasn’t 6 when he read the audiobook with the amusing anecdote about eating the same sort of animal that his genius campaign manager claims to be so concerned about.

I’ve listened to this any number of times, and I’m still having trouble picking up any regret or disgust in his voice there. Nope, this was just another part of his amazing life story. We were supposed to find it charmingly exotic.

Barack Obama didn’t have any qualms about eating dogs until it started to hurt his reelection campaign.

Get used to that sick feeling in your stomach, David. That’s called 2012. Don’t worry, though. In a few months it’ll all be over and you can slither back to Chicago.

You’re right about one thing, though, dude: Twitter is awesome!

(Hat tip: Hot Air)

Update: There are some great new pics at Knowyourmeme’s page for Obama, the Eater of Dogs. Here’s one that I believe the Photoshop jokesters call an “exploitable.” You can drop it into other photos to humorous effect.


Update: Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night. Here’s what he told Reuters about how tough it is to come up with Obama jokes:

Obama, who precedes Kimmel in the night’s comedy line-up, might not get skewered so much, but not because Kimmel will pull punches. He gets a thrill from making fun of people to their faces.

“It’s hard to make fun of Obama in general because he’s a cool character,” Kimmel said. “Outside of his ears, there’s not a whole lot.”

Huh. That’s weird, because just last week he said:

Guess he forgot already.

The WHCD used to be like a roast of the President of the United States. Other people made fun of him, and he made fun of himself. Now it’s become just another platform for Obama and his supplicants to take cheap shots at his opponents. Step up to the podium and tell Rush Limbaugh to go die already, and Obama will get a big kick out of it.

Maybe Kimmel’s just faking us out. Maybe he’s got some good stuff prepared and doesn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Or maybe somebody took him aside.