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Obama dogged by, well, dogs

Now that Obama has openly admitted that he dines on canines, after aggressively making dogs a campaign issue for months, he must be hoping that the jokes will stop. “Take that, wingnuts!” I’d imagine that’s the idea.

Ain’t he cute?

And now, news items that I wouldn’t have given a second thought a few weeks ago have taken on new meaning. Like this one from the Christian Science Monitor:

US and Japanese leaders have come and gone, as has a horrific world war that interrupted the two countries’ relations, but for 100 years the flowering cherry trees of Washington’s tidal basin have stood – and blossomed every spring – as a testament to US-Japan friendship.

Now, a century after Japan presented the people of the United States with 3,000 cherry trees, the US is reciprocating by presenting Japan with 3,000 dogwood trees to be planted in a Tokyo park.

That’s right. Dogwood. The President of the United States was heard to exclaim, rubbing his hands with delight: “You mean they grow on trees??

You know what would taste good to Obama right now? A dogwood.*

Elsewhere in Obama’s self-humiliation, remember Christopher Buckley? You know, the son of William F. Buckley. He’s a novelist (Thank You for Smoking, several others that haven’t been turned into movies) who also wrote columns for the National Review. That is, until he dared them to accept his resignation because he endorsed Obama in 2008, and they gladly accepted. Why did Buckley think Obama was so wonderful? In part, because of his “first-class temperament and first-class intellect” — pause for laughter — and because:

I’ve read Obama’s books, and they are first-rate. He is that rara avis, the politician who writes his own books. Imagine.

So somebody has read them. Then why didn’t you warn him about about this whole dog thing, Christopher? Don’t you like him anymore?

And now, here’s the best part. Guess what Christopher Buckley’s latest book is called?

They certainly do, Christopher. A little soy sauce. Delicious.

Update: Not only is Obama’s support crumbling among dogs, but now he’s losing the SEALs.

Update: And don’t forget, the spite-fueled narcissist is actually putting Bo on the campaign trail. Think of the pooch as emergency rations.

*Try saying it out loud.