Sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads now actually exist [VIDEO]

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Taylor Bigler
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Dr. Evil’s one simple request to have sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads has finally come to fruition.

In April, the Hong Kong-based laser manufacturer Wicked Lasers teamed up with biologist/television personality Luke Tipple to actually attach a non-invasive laser beam to a lemon shark’s head.

The shark-laser experiment wasn’t meant to torture evil doctors’ nemeses, but was merely a chance for Tipple to test out different types of clips and attachments that he eventually hopes will give biologists a chance to see the world from a shark’s-eye perspective.

Wicked Lasers contacted Tipple to see if he would test out his clip with their 150mW S3 Krypton laser first, because, well, a shark with a laser beam on its dorsal fin is awesome.

While it was all a good-natured stunt, Tipple told Time that it was in the name of scientific research, and that he is glad that sharks are getting some good — if not slightly terrifying — press.

“Everything I’m involved with has to be ethical and justifiable,” Tipple said. “It casts sharks in exactly the right light. I haven’t seen news pieces like these in years, if ever.”


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And for good measure:

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