Mila Kunis, Dustin Hoffman help save normal peoples’ lives

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

It’s not a random act of kindness when it’s a celebrity — it’s heroism.

Adding to the growing list of celebrities that have helped save a random, non-celebrity’s life are Mila Kunis and Dustin Hoffman.

Earlier this year, Ryan Gosling saved that awful woman from getting hit by a taxi in New York City. Just last week, “Grey’s Anatomy” star Patrick Dempsey helped some dude after he was in a bad car accident.

This past weekend, Kunis helped a man who was working on her Los Angeles home when he started seizing, and bit his tongue so hard that he started bleeding, TMZ reports. The foxy actress tilted the man’s head to the side — as you are supposed to do when someone is having a seizure — and told her friend to go call 911. The man has since recovered.

For his part, Hoffman was passing by when a jogger went into cardiac arrest in London’s Hyde Park last month, the Associated Press reports. The actor saw the man foaming at the mouth, called an ambulance and waited by the man’s side until the paramedics came.

Whether or not these are acts of celebrity heroism — or just simply examples of celebs acting like normal, decent people who possess the human quality of empathy — is up for debate. But we sure wouldn’t mind being rescued by the likes of  Mila Kunis. She’s pretty easy on the eyes, if you haven’t noticed.

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