Conservative commentator R. Emmett Tyrrell: Liberalism is dead

How was liberalism fatally wounded? 
I think it was always fatally flawed in terms of the American Constitution. Much of what it tried to do it failed at and cost us hugely in terms of liberty. But the more proximate cause of liberalism’s death was the emergence of the Infantile Left … [which] emerged from the 1960s. They were coat-and-tie radicals who played both sides for political power, first in student government then in the adult world. They really were something new under the sun. They had no fixed principles other than self-promotion. By the 1990s when they emerged at the top of the Democratic Party the die was cast. For them the principles of the Founding Fathers were secondary to the principles of Gandhi and the songs of the Beatles.
If liberalism is dead, does that mean we have reached the end of history domestically? Is conservatism now unchallenged? 
Conservatism has many challenges. To begin with there are President Obama’s pet projects like the green nonsense and Solyndra. It will take time, but in the end I see conservatism eventually triumphing and for honest, well intentioned people on the left life will not be so bad. It will be somewhat like the 1890s with a libertarian tone, tolerance and respect for liberty.
Do you think Mitt Romney is a acceptable standard-bearer for conservatism? 
I think he is. My only question is regarding his toughness. Will he fight? I think he will and I expect President Obama to be retiring in November back to his museum, to be constructed, my sources say, in Blue Island, Illinois. It will be very modern, a gigantic pancake, if you can imagine it.
Who do you think Romney should pick as his vice-presidential nominee in 2012? 
My candidate is Paul Ryan, but then he is my candidate for any high office of the land. He understands the government and the budget process, and those are the chief problems facing the country.
How is Washington different today from when you first arrived here decades ago? 
The liberals stopped debating the conservatives at least 25 years ago. They just were no longer interested. I can tell you personally. I used to host dinners where I would invite such liberals as E. J. Dionne. They just stopped coming. We cannot even get them to attend if they are the featured speaker. Even their television and radio and print journalism are highly selective in mentioning conservatives. When they mention one or quote one he is usually a rather stupid conservative or one who just said something that can be interpreted by the liberal to be stupid.