Spawn of Romney: TheDC’s guide to Mitt’s sons

The Favorite — Josh Romney, 37:

Although he is the middle son, Josh is no victim of Middle Child Syndrome. In fact, he is probably Mitt and Ann’s favorite son, although they have probably only mentioned this to each other in hushed tones before falling asleep at night.

Josh, who is a real estate developer and lives in Salt Lake City, is a natural campaigner and GOP strategist David Kochel’s pick for the son who is most likely to be a third generation political officeholder. This no doubt makes his father’s heart warm with joy, and so, he shall be known has The Favorite. The Favorite lives with his wife and three children.

The Least Favorite, Ben Romney, 34:

Poor Ben. As the second youngest Romney son, Ben is the only one with blonde hair and the only one who did not follow in his father’s footsteps of becoming a businessman or politician. He wrote on the Romney campaign blog earlier this year, “I’m kind of the oddball of the family, as I’m the only one with blond hair, and the only one who is going into medicine. I also happen to be the least inclined to politics of the brothers.  Sure, I’ll follow what’s going on, but I’m not naturally inclined to business or politics really. ”

Ben is a doctor of internal medicine in Boston. He lives with his wife, one dog — and no children! Clearly, Ben is The Least Favorite. The Least Favorite is also the only son who still has an active MySpace page.

The Rebel, Craig Romney, 31:  

Not just any Mormon whose father is running for president will pose shirtless and post it on the Internet — but Craig Romney certainly will.

This Devil-may-care attitude paired with his handsome good-looks earned him the moniker, The Rebel. The Rebel is the youngest of the bunch, and lives with his wife and two children in San Diego where he works in real estate.

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