Spawn of Romney: TheDC’s guide to Mitt’s sons

Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben and Craig Romney have all stumped for their father, Mitt Romney, at one time or another during his run campaign for the White House. And with the general election having officially begun, the five sons are sure to appear more frequently on the trail.

Besides being relatively attractive and clean-cut clones of each other, what do we know about the Romney sons, really? Find out here in The Daily Caller’s guide to the five brothers Romney:

The Jokester — Taggart Romney, 41:

Tagg is the oldest and funniest Romney son. During the Iowa caucuses in January, Tagg joked with Politico about what the family was going to do on Election Day. “We’re all going to get wasted,” Tagg said.

Stop it, Tagg. You are too much! As you all know, Mormons abstain from alcohol — unless you are Mitt Romney, who once admitted to drinking a beer as a “wayward teenager.” But Tagg still wasn’t done with the jokes: “Unlike my father, I’ve never had a sip of alcohol. Uhh, I probably shouldn’t have said that.” Based purely on this single piece of evidence that Tagg has a sense of humor, we hereby dub him The Jokester.

The Jokester lives outside of Boston with his wife, Jennifer and their three children. He followed in the business footsteps of his father, and is a managing partner at Solamere Capital. Whatever that means.

The Alternative One — Matt Romney, 40:

Like his older brother, Matt also has a devilish sense of humor. At a campaign stop in Concord, N.H. late last year, Matt tried to make a joke about his father not releasing his tax returns by comparing it to Obama’s birth certificate. “I heard someone suggest the other day,” Matt said, “that as soon as President Obama releases his grades and birth certificate … then maybe [Mitt will release his tax returns.]”

This didn’t go over as well as Tagg’s hilarious alcohol joke, so Matt later tweeted, “I repeated a dumb joke. My bad.”

The Senior Vice President of Capital Markets at Excel Trust, Inc. in San Diego also digs “Cake, Ozomatli, The Shins, Iz, White Stripes, Beck, Coldplay, Led Zeppelin, Luna, and Bob Marley” according to his now-defunct MySpace page. For this, we dub him The Alternative One.

The Alt One lives with his wife and three children in California, the state with the highest population of hippies and homosexuals.