Priest’s new book makes moral case for free-market economy

Why do you oppose universal health care?

I am in favor of universal health care in the same way that I favor “universal shoes” – I just fear that the political process is least capable of achieving either. It is not a good state of affairs when medical providers come to see the government or the insurance companies, rather than the patient, as their primary client. A socialized health care system also undermines technological innovation, just as a government takeover of any realm of the economy suffocates innovation — by severing the free relationship among buyers and sellers, crushing incentives for excellence, and bogging down potential innovators and providers in a thicket of regulation.

Why is equality overrated?

A moment’s reflection reveals that total equality, which is, sameness, is impossible and undesirable to achieve. Whenever it is sought after, the result is oppressive. Instead of a culture of wealth-taking, in which the government gives and takes as it sees fit, we need a culture of wealth-making, where the entrepreneurial spirit is rewarded and socially-minded business can thrive and prosper.

What three books most influenced your worldview?

Other than the Bible: “Treatise on Law” by St. Thomas Aquinas, “The Fatal Conceit” by Fredrick von Hayek and “Richard III” by William Shakespeare.

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