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Despite Obama’s own claim, he really was born in Hawaii

Sorry, Mr. President. And sorry to all your fellow Birthers. You were not born in Kenya.

Associated Press:

The state of Hawaii has verified President Barack Obama’s birth records to Arizona’s elections chief after a nearly three-month back and forth that Arizona officials said could have ended without the incumbent’s name on its November ballot.

Joshua Wisch, special assistant to Hawaii Attorney General David Louie, told The Associated Press in an email late Tuesday that the matter is resolved after Hawaii gave Arizona the verification it was looking for.

Okay, Birthers? Obama was born in Hawaii. End of story.

Of course, that doesn’t explain why Obama claimed to have been born in Kenya in his literary bio…

Nor is it any reason for Arizona’s public officials to apologize for taking Obama at his word. LA Times:

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett has apologized for any embarrassment he caused his state when he revived a widely discredited conspiracy theory about President Obama’s birthplace by requesting verification that the president was born in Hawaii…

“If I embarrassed the state, I apologize, but that certainly wasn’t my intent,” Bennett said Tuesday in an interview with radio station KTAR.

Hey, if Obama didn’t want people to labor under the mistaken idea that he was born in Kenya, he shouldn’t have claimed he was born in Kenya. This whole thing is nobody’s fault but his own.

Barack Obama: Original Birther.