Warren gets frustrated with press asking her to prove heritage

Alex Pappas | Political Reporter

One thing is clear: embattled Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren isn’t happy that she is still being asked about her claimed Native American heritage.

It’s the fourth week in a row that the press in Boston has been pressing Warren for answers.

In a video captured by Fox 25 on Thursday, Warren appeared frustrated that reporters in Brookline asked her for proof of her minority claims. It was her first public appearance in more than a week.

She tried dodging the questions at first. Asked to put the Native American heritage questions to rest, Warren responded: “Middle class families are getting hammered.”

But when pressed about why she once claimed minority status but doesn’t identify that way anymore, she responded: “I have answered these questions. I am going to talk about what’s happening to America’s families.”

“Scott Brown has hammered on my family, at the same time that… middle class families are also getting hammered,” she said.

Warren has struggled to prove her claims of American Indian ancestry, other than saying she knows of it through family lore. Critics have accused her of claiming minority status in the past to gain an unfair advantage when applying for jobs.

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