Actor Gary Sinise honors the troops [VIDEO]

Michelle Fields | Contributor

Actor Gary Sinise was in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday to honor U.S. service members and their families at the “Hope for Warriors” gala.

“I got involved with it three years ago through my friend John Vigiano… who lost two sons on September 11,” Sinise told The Daily Caller. “One was a police officer the other a fire fighter. He and I met on my first trip to Iraq back in 2003.”

Sinise, who portrayed a disabled Vietnam War veteran in “Forrest Gump,” said the organization he supports is particularly reliable.

“Over the years there have been a lot of different organizations that have popped up to try to fill the gaps, to try to help wounded warriors or gold star families or various causes related to the war and 10 or 11 years of deployment and stress on our military,” he said, “but some of them have really stood out and risen above some of the others ones and ‘Hope for the Warriors’ is one of those that is a reliable go-to organization.”

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