Swedish man charged with ‘face rape’

Meagan Clark | Contributor

A 30-year-old Swedish man has been charged with “face rape” for allegedly posting nude pictures of his ex-girlfriend on her Facebook page.

The man hacked his ex’s account and posted the pictures, obtained while the two were a couple, after an argument.

In a confession to police, he said that he correctly guessed his ex-girlfriend’s password and that he didn’t know it was illegal to log onto someone’s Facebook account without their permission.

In addition to posting the explicit photos, the man is accused of engaging in sexual chats with her Facebook friends, according to The Local, an online English news source based in Sweden.

He is facing charges of computer hacking and libel, and could face up to two years in prison if convicted.

Yngve Andersson of the Ludvika police told Swedish news source dt.se that “face rape” and Internet harassment in general has become increasingly common in Sweden.

“It’s a regrettable development and there are many who see it as a chance to get back if a relationship falls apart,” Andersson told dt.se.

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