TheDC Morning: Democrats open up several fronts in their ‘War on Women’

Jamie Weinstein | Senior Writer

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1.) The Democrats’ ‘War on Women’, part 1 — You would think a bill banning abortions simply because the baby was a girl would receive overwhelming support. But House legislation to do just that was voted down Thursday. Seriously. TheDC’s Caroline May talked to the bill’s author, who too was baffled by how many in the Democratic caucus could justify not getting on board, dooming the bill to failure:

“In an interview with The Daily Caller, the bill’s author, Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks, noted that the bill received an ‘overwhelming majority ‘s votes but that the cognitive dissonance on the Democratic side of the aisle represented a significant challenge. ‘I think that it is hard for the other side to deal with this debate because, on the one hand, they realize that the country and even their own hearts tell them it is wrong to kill a little girl just because she is a little girl,’ said Franks, who spoke about his own three-year-old girl in debate. ‘But once they make that statement, then they have tacitly recognized that what is being done here is the taking of an innocent life.'”


2.) The Democrats’ ‘War on Women,’ part 2 —  Nancy Pelosi fumed over what she sees as unequal pay between men and women in corporate America Thursday. But she wasn’t so willing to condemn the Senate for paying female staffers less than their male counterparts, reports TheDC’s Michelle Fields:

“The Daily Caller asked Pelosi about a report in the Washington Free Beacon that revealed that women working for Senate Democrats in 2011 had an average salary of $60,877, whereas male staffers made about $6,500 more. Pelosi chose not to condemn the Democratic senators, claiming that it is ‘another world.'”

When will the Democrats end their carnage against the female sex? Have they no mercy?

3.) Keeping up with the JonesesWell, more like catching up with one Jones, as in conspiracy weaver Alex Jones outside the Bilderberg meeting in Virginia. Jones believes — or at least declares, whether he actually believes or not — that the Bilderberg group has all sorts of power to shape U.S. politics, world politics and perhaps even intergalactic politics. The Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein (ME!) had some fun with the parody of a parody while Jones did what he does best: rhetorically excrete. Watch the video.

4.) Is Romney eligible to be president? What about centaurs? — One liberal group is demanding that Arizona verify that Romney is human and not a unicorn. Meagan Clark reports for TheDC:

“The liberal group Left Action has collected 19,000 emails and counting demanding Arizona officials verify that Romney is not a unicorn, according to CNN. The campaign pokes fun at the continuing efforts by ‘birthers’ to bring into question the legitimacy of President Barack Obama‘s citizenship.”

While election experts agree that if Romney indeed turns out to be a unicorn he will be ineligible for the presidency. However, if it turns out he is a centaur, there is some dispute among constitutional scholars on what that may mean. Some believe being half human meets the Constitutional requirements however. That of course could mean that this election may even be more important than previously thought: We may very well elect our first centaur president.

5.) Poll of the Day: Romney/Obama tied in Iowa — NBC News/Marist poll of registered voters in Iowa: President Obama 44%, Mitt Romney 44%.

6.) Tweet of Yesterday — Albert Brooks: Congrats to John Edwards for ruining his life and getting away with it.

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