Obama book author: Romney camp should talk about Rev. Wright bribe offer

Klein said Wright offered to show him the email offering him the money, though he never got his hands on it. He hasn’t been able to reach Wright since their interview. “I never heard back from him, and I’ve never spoken to him since.”

“He said it was in a cardboard box along with a lot of other documents that he was going to use after the 2012 presidential election to write his autobiography,” Klein said of the email.

The author said it’s not hard to imagine that a crime could have been committed in the process.

“If John Edwards can be prosecuted for using funds for allegedly bribing his mistress to remain silent, I suppose the same thing could apply to Barack Obama,” Klein said. “However, we don’t know that these were campaign funds or where that money came from.”

Asked how he was able to secure an interview with Wright — who does not give interviews regularly — Klein said that during the process of researching his book, he became friends with several people who urged him to speak with Wright and offered to help set it up.

Klein said those friends called Wright on his behalf. The writer also eventually met Wright’s daughter, Jeri, for coffee before Wright finally accepted his request.

“I was hesitant, as I wrote in the book, because of the things Jeremiah Wright had said,” Klein recalled to TheDC. “I wasn’t really eager to sit down with this guy, but they said that he had a story to tell that I needed to hear in order to make the book complete.”

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