Exposing the New York Times’ sins

One other thing: Daily Caller readers may remember how in 2008 The New York Times published an expose castigating a group of military analysts working for television networks, including me. We were accused of having conflicts of interest and there were even dark hints about Pentagon contract kickbacks. It was a Pulitzer Prize-winning story that kicked off four federal investigations of the retired officers, at an estimated cost close to $3 million. Except that those investigations cleared us — and even indicated possible plagiarism by The Times. Of course, the paper never apologized.

But precedents once set can later provide wonderfully ironic symmetries. So let the continuing sins of The New York Times now be exposed by similar means.

Colonel (Ret.) Ken Allard rose from draftee to Dean of the National War College. A former military analyst for NBC News, he is a prolific writer on national security issues. He is the author of Business as War.