Young love: 10 celebrity couples who married early

Miley Cyrus’ recent engagement at the tender age of 19 isn’t the first in young marriage in Hollywood history, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Stars often get married in their late teens or early twenties, but few of those relationships last for more than a few years — or a few weeks. It seems that many young marriages are followed by divorces that send celebrities into cycles of marriages, divorces, excessive partners, and random hookups.

Hey — that’s Hollywood.

Check out this gallery of stars who got married young. Really young. Some marriages like Bo Derek’s have stood the test of time. Other stars, like Drew Barrymore, have said “I do” and “I don’t” just a few months apart.

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  • At 17, Solange Knowles (the younger sister of Beyonce) married a friend from school, Daniel Smith, 19. The two had a son together -  Daniel Julez - before divorcing in 2007.
  • Pop star Avril Lavigne, 21, married Deryck Whibley, 24, after dating for two years. The pair divorced after only three years of marriage.
  • Possibly the most popular child star of all time, Shirley Temple, married John Agar at only 17. The marriage only lasted four years.
  • Olivia Wilde married Italian-American Tao Ruspoli in an abandoned school bus when she was 19. Wilde said the pair married there to keep the wedding secret. The couple ended the marriage in 2011.
  • Child stars Macaulay Culkin and Rachel Miner were both 17 when the pair married. The couple separated two years later and filed for divorce in 2002.
  • At 20, socialite and reality TV star Kim Kardashian married record producer Damon Thomas, but their marriage only lasted four years. Kardashian claims Thomas emotionally and physically abused her in the months leading up to the divorce.
  • Singer Courtney Stodden, 16, married Doug Hutchison, 51. The marriage garnered national criticism and thrust Stodden into the spotlight, considering she's 35 years younger than her husband.
  • Actress Drew Barrymore married for this first time at 20. She split with her husband, Welsh bartender Jeremy Thomas, less than two months later.
  • Bo Derek met John Derek when she was only 16. To avoid charges of statutory rape, the woman and her 30-year-old lover moved to Germany. After Bo turned 18, the couple returned to America to get married and lived together until John's death in 1998.
  • Star Angelina Jolie married her first husband, Johnny Lee Miller, when she was 21. The pair separated after 18 months. (Photo: Getty Images)

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