If David Axelrod can’t even handle CNN…


I don’t know whose idea it is to keep putting this guy in front of the cameras — his, I guess — but I approve wholeheartedly. David Axelrod might be the greatest gift the Republican Party has ever been handed.

Here’s the mustachioed one on CNN’s State of the Union yesterday, utterly failing to deal with Candy Crowley’s repeated questions about Obama’s statement that “the private sector is doing fine”:

When in doubt, just keep babbling until CNN’s few remaining viewers switch to something less ridiculous, like Spongebob.

Isn’t it weird that whenever Obama tries to talk his way out of a problem, he only compounds it? Isn’t it weird that the more his surrogates try to dig him out, the worse it gets? Isn’t it weird that this keeps happening over and over, and yet none of them learn anything from it? Isn’t it weird that they’re still acting like it’s 2008?

Of course, by “weird” I mean “delightful.”

(Hat tip: Hot Air)

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