‘Gabby’s seat’: Opponents face off in race to replace wounded lawmaker

If Barber loses, this could be his last chance at the seat, suggested Jay Heiler, an Arizona Republican consultant. He said he had heard talk among Democrats that Barber’s lack of political savvy had been something of a disappointment, and that if he were to lose on Tuesday, they might need a new candidate in the fall.

Barber made at least one glaring mistake in the race when he declined to specify whether or not he would vote for President Barack Obama in November. He later retracted the statement.

If Barber loses on Tuesday, chances of Arizona being competitive in the fall may dwindle.

“If the Democrats can’t hold Gabby Giffords’ seat in Tucson tomorrow,” Aarons said, “I would say the probability of the president having any shot of turning Arizona has decreased majestically.”

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