Top 8: Microsoft’s worst product flops [PHOTOS]

With the Internet abuzz about the new Microsoft Surface tablet PC, we took this opportunity to reflect on some of the other failed Microsoft product launches that made us cringe.

Every company makes mistakes, but it seems that Microsoft is always the red-headed stepchild to Apple’s 6’3″ star quarterback.

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  • Windows 95: Windows' market penetration shows that it isn't all bad ... or just that we didn't know any better.
  • Live: Windows Live was a suite of services that has becomes so confusing that Microsoft put out a chart explaining all the name changes.  Although admittedly, we were able to figure out the shift from "Windows Live Movie Maker" to "Movie Maker" by ourselves.
  • Vista: It was bloated, expensive, and a hardware hog.  Good thing they had different versions, like 'Ultimate,' 'Largely Unnecessary' and 'XP Wasn't So Bad After All.'
  • The Microsoft KIN was a social-networking phone that fit uncomfortably in the palm of your hand, cost almost a billion dollars to develop, and didn't sell.
  • MSN Messenger seems to have lasted from the era of the Internet when you got free AOL CD's in the mail.  We don't know why either.
  • Tablets: Bill Gates holding a super cool tablet PC in 2002.  Despite Microsoft being first, it seems like it took the iPad to actually make tablets cool.
  • The Zune music player was like a large iPod, except worse.  Here Bill Gates and Corporate Vice President J Allard hold two of the three Zunes ever sold.

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