Adam Carolla: Liberal Hollywood puts conservatives on ‘list of people who need to be put in their place’

IRVINE, Calif. — Comedian Adam Carolla, who doesn’t openly identify as a conservative but certainly holds many conservative views, says it ain’t easy being right-of-center in liberal Hollywood.

“If you’re conservative in Hollywood, you’re on a list of people who need to be put in their place,” he told The Daily Caller on Thursday in the green room of the Irvine Improv before he recorded his popular podcast before a live audience.

“If you’re Woody Allen, you do what you want. If you’re Spike Lee, you can go ahead and tweet out the address of the guy who the New Black Panthers put a bounty on and there’s no repercussions, because Hollywood will decide who’s guilty and who’s not guilty. Now, if Tom Selleck tweeted out the address of a black guy who the new Klan had put a bounty on, there’d be repercussions against Tom Selleck. That much I can promise you.”

Carolla was in the midst of a publicity tour for his new book “Not Taco Bell Material.” While promoting the book in an interview with the New York Post, he created a firestorm by telling the newspaper that, on average, “dudes are funnier than chicks.” He later fired back at his critics, telling TheDC that anyone who thinks he’s a misogynist is “fucking insane.”

But Carolla, who grew up in a family on food stamps, saved most of his scorn for what he perceives as Hollyood’s liberal pretenders.

“They all pretend like they’re part of the 99 percent, but they’re not; they’re part of the 1 percent,” he said of Hollywood’s liberal elites. “They’re all incorporated, they all have tax attorneys, believe me.”

“Whoever is for higher taxes, feel free to pay higher taxes,” he continued. “And while you’re at it, don’t shoot your next project in Mississippi or New Mexico or Canada. Stay right here. Stay right in Los Angeles and pay your higher taxes and let the money go right where it belongs.”

He pointed to liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore as the classic example of a Hollywood phony.

“Michael Moore makes $30 million a year, $40 million a year, but he’s part of the 99 percenters? Now he has to keep up that façade,” Carolla said.

“So he has to show up wearing the ball cap and the t-shirt, because if he ever shows up with a top hat and a monocle, he’s going to be tossed out of his club. … They all do the same thing.”