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Rielle Hunter may not have learned her lesson

Four years ago, the “news” industry did their damnedest to convince us that Rielle Hunter wasn’t newsworthy.

Now I wish they had succeeded.

If you can watch this whole thing without pausing at least once to get up, drink a glass of water, and compose yourself, you’re not me:


NRO’s Jim Geraghty put it best: “If you harnessed all of the electrical energy in the neurons of Hunter’s brain, you could toast a piece of bread… lightly.” He also notes that Whoopi Goldberg might not be the best person to pontificate on the sanctity of marriage, considering she broke up Ted Danson’s. But damn, Hunter left her in the dust on that one.

And now Hunter has put her name on a book somebody wrote about it! Every time I wonder how people like this can be so shameless, I realize that if they had a conscience, we wouldn’t even know their names.

Of course, this is just what Hunter wants. She wants to be harangued on The View, and she wants people to talk about it. I’m just helping to reward her. Oh well. Best of luck to her and her poor daughter. Maybe she’ll sell enough copies of that stupid book to put off her job search a little while longer.

Just think, that guy could’ve been president. And he still would’ve been better than the one we’ve got now.