Netflix customers watched 1 billion hours of online video in June


Netflix customers set a new monthly record for the company in June, watching more than 1 billion hours of video online.

CEO Reed Hastings broke the news through a status update on his Facebook Timeline, congratulating Netflix’s content licensing team in the process.

“Congrats to Ted Sarandos, and his amazing content licensing team,” said Hastings. “Netflix monthly viewing exceeded 1 billion hours for the first time ever in June. When House of Cards and Arrested Development debut, we’ll blow these records away. Keep going, Ted, we need even more!

An analyst told the technology trends site FierceOnlineVideo that if Netflix were a cable network, the new record would make it the largest player in that business sector. (RELATED: TheDC’s coverage of Netflix)

A report in October 2011 first indicated that Netflix customers were a major force on the Internet, consuming more than 32 percent of the available downstream bandwidth.

The company announced Tuesday that it will post its second quarter results for 2012 on July 24.

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