Top 10: Craziest celebrity divorces [SLIDESHOW]

When Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes announced their split two weeks ago, media outlets immediately began reporting that the rift was caused by Cruise’s belief in Scientology. Rumors swirled that Holmes was trying to take the couple’s daughter, Suri, away from the unusual beliefs and that she and her daughter were going back to her Catholic roots.

In light of the TomKat separation, here is a list of the top 10 most out-there celebrity divorces.

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  • Tiger Woods had it all: a no. 1 world ranking, multi-million dollar sponsorship deals and a beautiful Swedish wife. That all came crashing down one infamous November night when Woods wrecked his car in the couple's driveway and there was the bizarre golf-club-to-the-window moment. Woods admitted to having multiple affairs and with that admission went his golf game. Elin Nordegren received a $750 million divorce settlement and custody of the couple's two children.
  • It seems almost impossible for Charlie Sheen to shock anyone nowadays, but the man with tiger blood raised a few eyebrows when he said that ex-wife Denise Richards has contacted future ex-wife Brooke Mueller with a request for Sheen's sperm. Richards and Sheen divorced in 2006 after Richards said Sheen threatened her life, but the pair has recently been spotted out and about with their two children.
  • As the daughter of a Kennedy, Maria Shriver has seen her fair share of scandal. Shriver and husband Arnold Schwarzenegger make this list because the Terminator's love child with the family maid was born within a year of his youngest son with Shriver. Talk about creepy.
  • If you cheat on America's Sweetheart, you're probably going to end up Public Enemy No. 1. That's what happened to Jesse James when he strayed from his marriage to ever-lovable Sandra Bullock and drew the ire of the entire American public. Not only was James having multiple affairs, but the majority of them were with women covered in tattoos and piercings in some uncomfortable places. Bullock managed to take the high road, adopting a son and continuing to make millions, while James slummed it up on the Howard Stern Show and talked about his sex life.
  • While these two may not necessarily be celebrities, their divorce did manage to bankrupt a Major League Baseball franchise. Frank and Jamie McCourt separated in 2009 after 30 years of marriage, and Frank said that his former spouse had no ownership in the Los Angeles Dodgers. Jamie sued for co-ownership, and the two-year battle was on from there. The couple finally divorced in 2011, with Jamie being bought out for $130 million which led to the bankruptcy of the Dodgers and Frank's sale of the team to Magic Johnson's investment group.
  • The marriage was weird to begin with, but the divorce took it to a whole new level of bizarre. After separating, Liza Minnelli and David Gest both sued one another, with Minnelli alleging that Gest never paid her for performances and Gest saying his wife beat him during alcoholic rages. The original suits were filed in 2003, and litigation lasted almost four years until the couple finally divorced in 2007.
  • This marriage lasted all of nine days before there was a request for an annulment, then a reconciliation, then, six months later, a divorce. And no one ever understood what the bride saw in the groom. After all, we're talking about Carmen Electra in her prime and Dennis Rodman. The couple divorced in 1999 and both were arrested later that year on charges of domestic assault after an infamous Miami hotel spat.
  • Country singer Kenny Chesney and Oscar-winning actress Renee Zellweger were married in a romantic beach ceremony in 2005, but the marriage lasted only four months before the couple filed for an annulment. Zellweger listed the reason for dissolution of marriage as "fraud," which sparked media speculation about whether Chesney is gay.
  • Dennis Hopper was on his fifth marriage when he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, but the illness didn't stop the actor from splitting with Victoria Duffy. Hopper reportedly divorced Duffy on what was practically his deathbed, saying she was "insane" and "volatile." Hopper was too ill to attend divorce proceedings, and his children unsuccessfully tried to cut Duffy and her daughter out of the late actor's will.
  • Bill Murray had been married to wife Jennifer Butler for 11 years when she filed for divorce in 2008. It appeared to be a pretty tame separation by Hollywood standards until Butler claimed the former SNL star was a sex addict who abused alcohol and prescription drugs, as well as hit her multiple times. The divorce was finalized later that year, and Murray was spotted out and about with some much-younger ladies.