Justin Bieber faces impending doom, Rolling Stone cover suggests [PHOTOS]

Squeaky clean pop singer Justin Bieber faces impeding doom — all because of Rolling Stone magazine, that bastion of filth and deplorable morals.

Gawker first pointed out that the August 2012 cover of the magazine featuring the Biebs shares the same caption — nearly verbatim — as the caption on Lindsay Lohan’s August 2004 cover: “Hot, Ready, Legal.”

The similarities areĀ unsettling, indeed.

This could mean one of three things: 1. Justin Bieber will start flashing paparazzi as he exits town cars; 2. Justin Bieber will begin a downward spiral of drinking, chain smoking Marlboro Reds, and posing for mugshots; 3. Justin Bieber will flirt back and forth with lesbianism.

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